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An American In Prague An American in Prague. An all-American jock, Chance, arrives in Prague to audition for a forthcoming Bel Ami video. Always-horny Johan Paulik is enlisted as his tour-guide/companion. Over the next four days, they explore Prague's vibrant nightlife, and Johan thoroughly checks out Chance's sexual prowess. From teasing to oral play to a wild ménage-a-trois to pulse-pounding one-on-one anal action, Chance proves himself a worthy addition to the Bel Ami fraternity.

Starring: Johan Paulik, Chance, Dominik Filla, Sergei Grigoriev, Karl Tenner, Janos Fekete, Gerard Killian, Adam Jannin, Sascha Fetisov, and Nikolas Vernant 120 min. XXX.

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